About me

I am passionate about creating textile designs and products which are unique and reflect my love for natural beauty in our world.  I use earth friendly plant dyes and other design and print methods which tread lightly on our planet. 

My ethos is to create luxe casual and timeless pieces in a sustainable way.  


After having an earlier career in banking, I studied Digital Media (website programming, art, and video editing). I then went on to study textile design. 

I graduated from my first year with Credit (Certificate 4 in Design, Fabric printing) and from my final year with Distinction (Diploma in Textile Design & Development).

In my final year of study 2015, I was assigned India Flint to research. 

I instantly fell in love with India's words and her work. Her calmness, love of nature, her methods and that she uses windfall to dye left a great impression on me. I am grateful to India for opening my eyes to the wonderment of natural dyes and for instilling in me the importance of dyeing with minimal footprint on our planet.

In June that same year, I attended Aboubakar Fofana's workshop in Sydney. Here is where I learnt how to dye with an organic indigo-fructose vat. I fell in love with this slow process of dyeing. Aboubakar also showed us some natural dye samples he'd made and this opened up my world of exploration even further.

In order to quench my thirst for knowledge I attended further workshops with other dyers including the accomplished Jane Callender from the UK, with the intent to develop and improve my dye process, knowledge of techniques, and also to investigate natural dyes further. 

Through experimentation, ongoing research and continued sampling my dye work is a product of my labour in love. 


I have been dyeing with natural indigo since 2015. My indigo textiles are dyed in an organic indigo vat with fructose which is made by hand. This method is slow, requires attention to detail for high quality results and it is a process that I love. This is a process that is not commonly used in Australia due to the level of commitment it requires.

My textiles (both dyed and printed) are in limited numbers due to the nature of my processes and the small scale operation that I have chosen to operate. 

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I also offer freelance services subject to my workload. Please send me an enquiry if you have any queries and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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