Thanks for Saturday Karen! It was such a pleasant afternoon...I will keep an eye out for more of your courses, it would be great to continue developing my skills in this space - Liz 

Screen Printing Workshops

I now offer screen printing workshops from time to time in conjunction with Sew Make Create. This workshop will teach you the basics of printing, using stencils and one colour. We will design our own motif, and print on a tote bag. For more details click here.

Natural Dye Workshops (dye workshops are currently not running)

The focus of my dye workshops is to share my love for dyeing with natural dyestuffs and earth friendly ingredients in a fun and sustainable way.  I use ingredients such as botanical flowers, herbs, and leaves, and we investigate foodstuffs as dye.  Some of my favourite things to dye with are avocado seeds/peels, turmeric, eucalyptus and illawarra plums.  

You can also dye with tea and other unexpected and overlooked foodstuffs. Each of my workshops will incorporate different dyes, to keep it fresh and also to reflect the season's produce/climate. I may sometimes use powdered natural dyes in the selection on the day.  For the fresh botanical dyestuffs, I use mainly windfallen leaves and flowers, or other foliage that has been kindly donated from time to time by my local florist, or a friend/neighbour.  I proudly admit that I buy flowers sometimes too!  

In my workshops I demonstrate either some classic beginner shibori techniques or the bundle dye technique. In the longer format workshops I do both. All my workshops are suitable for all levels of dyers from beginning to more advanced.

Below are some images from my previous workshops and also of my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions as each workshop is quite different. 

Sydney  NSW  Australia

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All images and designs are copyright Karen Tam