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The Oceana collection was designed for my graduating exhibition, and combines my love of dyeing with my love of printmaking and experimenting with techniques, fabrics and applications. Luxe, casual, timeless. 

The beauty of natural dyes such as indigo and eucalyptus have been highlighted in this collection through my scarves, garments, cushions and daybed cover using carefully selected natural fibres.

Natural beauty enhancing natural beauty. Timeless style reflecting my personal love of relaxed, comfortable luxurious pieces which are designed to co-ordinate together or add to an existing wardrobe or home. 

Combining old world influences in a contemporary and modern way.

Oceana is not about the sea, as the name may suggest although it is a constant source of inspiration for me. Oceana is a celebration of the ancient traditions of textile creation - dyeing, stitching, embellishment. The use of natural dyes, both raw and sensual textures, the inclusion of leather, patchwork, stitching, embellishment, beading and rivet work, together with natural fibres feature in this collection, paying homage to these ancient ways.  The creation of my own loose 'patchwork' of prints in the Melody of Life print celebrates the Japanese kimono, and draws from the ancient use of patchwork or print with print and pattern on pattern. Pattern on pattern is also explored by screen print designs which can be layered on each other to create another design. 

The sea embodies all continents. This collection is Oceana. Click here to go to my current shop.

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